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Wondfo Canine Progesterone Rapid Test

Successfully breed healthy puppies every time.

Machine front view-2.png

What it does

The Wondfo cProg Rapid Test can accurately pinpoint the best mating window for your dog. This device measures progesterone level in dogs to take the guess work out of determining optimal ovulation and mating time. Professional test results without visiting the vet.

Why it works

The device gives accurate and precise results, with comparable performance to renowned testing devices. The manufacturer is an established medical device company that conforms with stringent regulatory requirements. Ask us for test report for this device for more information.

Progesterone Reading chart.jpeg

Easy operation

One button operation. 15 minute results. Done.

What is included

Our kit includes all equipment required to perform the test. We also offer training and online resources to help you confidently perform the test. Contact us to organise a demonstration today.

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Box view.jpeg

Rent or Buy

Depending on your needs, you can rent the device for a week (or more), or purchase the kit for your own use. We also stock all equipments needed should you need more testing kits, so you'll never miss a mating opportunity.

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