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Wondfo COVID-19 At Home Self-Test Kit

Help protect yourself and others using the latest COVID-19 self-testing technology. Easy process, rapid and reliable results.




Approved and recognised by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Wondfo 2019-nCoV Antigen Test (Lateral Flow Method) is a rapid test for detecting coronaviruses (2019-nCoV) antigen through a nasal swab. It is designed for self-testing use and intended as an aid in the diagnosis of coronavirus infection (COVID-19). With 91.63% sensitivity and 99.84% specificity, this test is reliable, accurate and gentle for you to use at home. Within 20 minutes, you will be able to know whether you are COVID-safe with just a few simple steps.


Each kit is for one test. The kit includes 1 sealed pouch, 1 extraction buffer, 1 disposable sterile swab, 1 biohazard waste bag, I tube rack (the outer box) and 1 instruction booklet.

How To Use


1. Wash and sanitise your hands before you start the test.

2. Take out the extraction buffer tube, unscrew the lid and place the tube in the tube holder on the outer box.


3. Take out the test cassette from the sealed pouch and lay it flat.

4. Remove the swab from the packaging. DO NOT touch the soft end which is the absorbent tip.

5. Carefully insert the entire absorbent tip of the swab into your nostrils.


6. Slowly sample the nasal wall by rotating the swab in circular motion 5 times against the nasal wall. Slowly remove swab from the nostril. Repeat the same process in the other nostril using the same swab.

7. Insert the swab into the extraction buffer tube and place the entire tip of swab into the extraction buffer. Rotate about 10 times and squeeze the absorbent tip through the lower

buffer tube. Snap off the swab at the break point, leave the swab tip in the tube, place the lid and leave the tube on the tube rack for 1 minute.

8. Unscrew the small cap at the top of the extraction buffer tube. Lay the cassette flat and add 4 drops of processed specimen into the sample well. Wait for 15 minutes and read the results. DO NOT read results after 20 minutes.

9. After test is completed, put all test kit materials into the biohazard waste bag and dispose it according to the local biohazard waste disposal policy. Apply hand sanitiser.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use this Wondfo COVID-19 At Home Self-Test Kit?

This kit is designed for all ages. However, for individuals below 18 years old, the nasal swab should be performed by another adult. For individuals above 75 years old, there should be assistance.


How accurate is the Wondfo COVID-19 At Home Self-Test Kit?

The test has been validated with field clinical evaluations performed by professional health care persons. It correctly identifies 99.84% (622 out of 623) of 2019-nCoV negative samples (known as the test’s specificity). In field clinical evaluations conducted in Germany and US, the test correctly identified 100% (129/129) 2019-nCoV negative samples when performed by self-test users. Furthermore, the test also correctly identifies 91.63% (230 out of 251) of 2019-nCoV positive samples (known as the test’s sensitivity). In field clinical evaluations conducted in Germany and US, the test correctly identified 89.66% (26/29) of 2019-nCoV positive samples when performed by self-test users.


Is it possible to get a false result?

It is possible for this test to give an incorrect negative result. This means that you could still have COVID-19 even though the test result is negative. If your result is negative and you still experience symptoms related to COVID-19,such as fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, you should seek help from your healthcare provider. There is a very small chance that this test gives you an incorrect positive result. If you get a positive result, you should self-isolate and seek medical help as soon as possible from your healthcare provider.


Does this test hurt?

No, it should not hurt as the disposable sterile swab is designed to be soft. Sometimes the swab can feel slightly uncomfortable or tickly.


What else do I need when I use this test kit at home?

You will need a timer to know when the result is ready. You should also make sure your hands are sanitised before and after the test.


Can I use the test result as an official proof of COVID-safe?

No, the Wondfo COVID-19 At Home Self-Test Kit is intended for self-testing purposes only. For any official documentation of COVID-safe proof, you will need to seek your local government guidelines.


What are the benefits of using a COVID-19 self-testing kit?

The Wondfo COVID-19 At Home Self-Test Kit helps you monitor your health and COVID-19 infection status by bringing you convenience and efficiency of testing. You can performance this test anytime and anywhere. Results are rapidly available within 15 minutes.

Full product brochure available for download here.

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