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Surgical Mask

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Surgical Mask

  • reduce direct transmission of infectious agents from healthcare professionals to patients or the surgical area.
  • The surgical masks prevent drops from being released into the environment by the wearer and protect patients in surgery from these being transferred to the operative site.
  • Fluid resistant fabric

Main Materials/ Ingredients: non-woven fabric

European conformity:

  • Class IIR - (98% BFE)
  • Regulation MDD 93/42/ECC
  • Standard EN14683:2019
  • Genuine Conformity Certificate issued by EU Notified Body

Chinese conformity

  • YY0469-2011



  • Type I: (at least 95% BFE)
  • Type II (at least 98% BFE)
  • Type IIR (at least 98% BFE, at least 16kPa Synthetic Blood Resistance)


  • YY0469-2011 (at least 95% BFE, at least 120mmHg Synthetic Blood Resistance)
  • YY0969-2013 (at least 95% BFE)

Minimum Order: 20,000pcs

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